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What types of alcohol do you deliver?

ALL types.

How long does a delivery take?

30-40 minutes on average.

What are your hours of operation?

Please scroll down at the bottom of this page to view the hours of operation by phone and by email.

What forms of payment do you offer?

We offer the following forms of payment at the door: cash, debit, visa, mastercard

Do you deliver to Queen's dorms?


Is there an age group cut-off for delivery?

All recipients of Alcohol must be of legal drinking age.

What kind of empty bottles do you accept and at what rates?

We return all empties $1.00 for 12 pack $2 for 24 pack.

Are you affiliated with other "Dial-A-Bottle" companies?

No. We are locally owned and operated.

What are your rates on the items you deliver?

Same as both LCBO and Beer Store.

How far will you deliver?

Depends on how busy we are, but usually as far as city limits.


Tel: 613-548-3939

If Busy: 613-546-3300

E-Mail: inquiry@dialabottlekingston.com