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SINCE 1999

Dial-A-Bottle is Kingston Ontario’s number one choice for beer and liquor delivery service, Dial-A-Bottle has been delivering beer and liquor in Kingston Ontario since 1999. Dial-A-Bottle is offering a service that will alleviate the aggravation of getting stuck with no beer or liquor required to continue the fun you are having at home!

Don’t drink and drive, help keep our streets, love ones and friends safe. Don’t let your love ones or your friends drive after they had a couple of drink, or the weather is not really fit for driving. Let the professionals take care of things, call a cab for them if they need to go home. Call Dial-A-Bottle if the beer or liquor supply runs low or out.

Don’t go through the hassle of driving in snow or rain, wait in long line-ups, and make your friends or family worry, let Dial-A-Bottle deliver beer and liquor to the comfort of your own home. Call Dial-A-Bottle or order online now, we will have our drivers pick up your beer or liquor and deliver them to your doorstep. Spend the time with friends, family and love ones, where it is most important.


Tel: 613-548-3939

If Busy: 613-546-3300

E-Mail: inquiry@dialabottlekingston.com